Want to help your horse become more confident so you can have consistent, enjoyable rides in ANY environment?


Imagine if...

 ... you could ride your horse anywhere and have fun, knowing that you and your horse were fully prepared for any situation

… you knew exactly how to help your sensitive horse feel relaxed in ANY environment

… you had a proven strategy that you could use to help your horse settle in any situation whilst feeling clear, calm and confident.

...you had an amazing connection with your horse and they wanted to participate in training sessions with you

...you truly enjoyed being around your horse again and could easily troubleshoot any situation you came across

...you could learn to trust yourself and your intuitive guidance with your horse, knowing that you have all the tools in your toolkit to make sound decisions

...without buying a ‘quieter’ horse, having to send your horse to a trainer, using excessive pressure or giving up on your goals?

Introducing The Confident Equestrian Program


Your blueprint to help you increase your horse's confidence levels (and your own) in ANY environment!


The Confident Equestrian Program (CEP) is a 12-week step-by-step course that teaches you exactly how to help your horse and yourself feel more confident in ANY environment. 

Regardless of your past experience or level of horsemanship knowledge, The Confident Equestrian Program is here to help you connect with your horse from the ground up and form an amazing relationship with them. All without dominating them, using excessive pressure or forcing you to do something that doesn't feel right.

More than anything I'm here to help you become the horse trainer you're meant to be so you can confidently help your horse in any moment.

You'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know (how to clearly communicate with your horse, sharpen your groundwork, desensitising on the ground, desensitising under saddle, and more) through my comprehensive 5-module course.

Each week, you'll be given new exercises to complete with your horse - and by the end of the 12 weeks, you'll have all the tools in your toolkit to allow you to best prepare your horse for any environment (and help them relax in any moment).

Everyone who has completed The Confident Equestrian Program has had incredible results and feels so empowered knowing that they now have all of the tools in their toolkit to be able to problem-solve and improve any situation they find themselves in with their horse.

CEP changes horses' and humans' lives. Watch and read the stories on this page to see for yourself...

CEP Empowers Horses & Riders

CEP works for show & dressage riders, showjumpers, eventers, liberty enthusiasts, clicker trainers, trail riders, beginners, those lacking confidence, those with sensitive/spooky/rearing/shutdown/quiet horses and everything in between.

*Please note that all testimonials shown on this page are from CEP Group or 1 on 1 participants as the self-guided version of CEP is a new offering

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Hi, I'm Felicity


I founded the Confident Equestrian Program. I know how it feels to have an amazing but hot, spooky and sensitive horse - I was once a struggling horse rider with big competition goals, a nervous horse, inconsistent rides and no strategy to help him relax.

I had ridden for years, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the riding lessons in the world...but unless you know how to CLEARLY COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR HORSE, it's not possible to have the happy, consistent relationship you want with them that you (and they) deserve.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about horsemanship for performance horses in an effort to go full-time as a coach myself...

In my search to master everything about horsemanship for performance horses, I was able to consistently train hot and sensitive horses to respond to pressure with relaxation - all within a short period of time. And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results with their horses.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to teach a wide range of horses and people (including myself) how to feel confident in any environment and have consistent, fun rides. That is how "The Confident Equestrian Program" was born back in early 2020, and trust me when I say that it WORKS!

The Plan

Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll cover five modules. You'll watch video lessons and dive into homework exercises to complete either on your own or with your horse! 

Module 1: Understanding How Horses Learn


We'll break down how horses learn and how to train them to do literally ANYTHING! You'll strengthen your relationship, refine your communication and learn principles that you can apply to help you in ANY situation, with ANY horse! We'll also reveal why your horse acts adversely and how to reframe those moments so that you can remain calm and focused in any moment.


Module 2: Sharpening Your Groundwork


We'll put what you learnt in module 1 into action, teaching your horse how to yield to the lightest pressure, mirror your body language and strengthen their ability to emotionally regulate. This will form the foundational groundwork patterns that you can use to help your horse soften and relax in any situation!

Module 3: Desensitising On The Ground


You’ll learn how to desensitise your horse to any object on the ground, without them exploding or overreacting! Instead they will learn to respond to different levels of pressure (movement, noise, approach and touch) feeling relaxed and confident.

*This process is done very slowly in a way that honours the horse's emotions. Click here to hear more about why I like desensitising and how I do it


Module 4: Desensitising Under Saddle


You’ll learn how to transition from desensitising from the ground to you riding in the saddle. You will feel confident and know how to ride your horse through moments of tension and your horse will begin to trust that you can help them. Then we’ll systematically increase the environmental pressure and you’ll be riding around random objects calmly and confidently.


Module 5: Navigating Different Environments


We'll troubleshoot every possible scenario you may come across when you are competing or in a new environment with your horse. Then I’ll help you form a personalised strategy and step by step plan so you can help your worried horse relax in any situation, so you can consistently perform at your best!


Do I Qualify For CEP?


✅You have a really sensitive horse and you desperately want to make them feel more relaxed in different environments

✅Or maybe your horse is quite unresponsive and shut down and you want to help them open up and feel comfortable again

✅You want to improve your horsemanship skills and build a better relationship with your horse built on trust

✅You want to feel confident and empowered around your horse, like nothing is holding you back

✅You want your horse to enjoy training sessions and hanging out as much as you do

✅You’re ready to commit to an amazing program 


If one or ALL of these resonate with you...

The Confident Equestrian Program is your next step, it's your time. 


❌You feel like you definitely need personalised support to help you with your horse or to help you overcome your mindset blocks (consider joining CEP Group instead)

❌You struggle to hold yourself accountable and complete tasks if you get stuck (consider joining CEP Group instead)

❌You aren't willing to put in the effort to help your horse, and you just want a quick fix

❌You are unwilling to look at how you might be influencing your horse's behaviour

❌You are only wanting to hear about one method of reinforcement (I talk about how people can use positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement or combined reinforcement)

❌You are unwilling to put your horse's welfare and your relationship with them first over external results

❌You don't have the time to commit to training your horse or watching the videos

By The End Of The Confident Equestrian Program You Will:

  • Understand the principles behind how horses learn and how to train them to do literally anything
  • Know how to teach your horse how to respond to light pressure and body language cues
  • Have a strategy that you can use in any moment that will allow you to remain calm and focused
  • Know how to expose your horse to different objects and teach them how to soften and relax in ANY environment
  • Together with your horse form a more confident, trusting and stable relationship



Receive lifetime access to my incredible CEP 12-week horsemanship course by selecting one of the options below


$296 AUD


*$296 AUD equals approximately $205 USD / 195 Euros. Please check the current exchange rate to confirm at the time of your purchase.


$777 AUD


*$777 AUD equals approximately $538 USD / 513 Euros. Please check the current exchange rate to confirm at the time of your purchase.

Or if you would prefer to move through CEP in 3 phases you can start by joining CEP Phase 1: Module 1 all about Understanding How Horses Learn (2 weeks)

  • After you join Phase 1 you will have the ability to join: Phase 2:  Sharpening Your Groundwork (3 weeks) - $222 AUD
  • And Phase 3: Desensitising On The Ground & Under Saddle + Navigating Different Environments (7 weeks). - $518 AUD

*The phases must be purchased in order as they all flow together


$148 AUD

*$148 AUD equals approximately $102 USD / 97 Euros. Please check the current exchange rate to confirm at the time of your purchase.

Prefer the VIP experience?


Join the next group round of The Confident Equestrian Program!

You'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the CEP 12-week video horsemanship course where I will teach you exactly how to help your horse feel more confident in ANY environment!
  • 13 group coaching calls and lifetime access to all of the call recordings
  • Unlimited messaging support over 12 weeks
  • Tailored support and accountability directly from Felicity
  • Access to an amazing, likeminded community


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Are you ready to change your horses life? 


CEP Empowers Horses & Riders

CEP works for show & dressage riders, showjumpers, eventers, liberty enthusiasts, clicker trainers, trail riders, beginners, those lacking confidence, those with sensitive/spooky/rearing/shutdown/quiet horses and everything in between.

*Please note that all testimonials shown on this page are from CEP Group or 1 on 1 participants as the self guided version of CEP is a new offering