Let's get Connected


I want to help you feel more...

  • Connected to yourself by understanding yourself on a deeper level and learning to trust yourself so that you can enjoy your life and your time spent with your beautiful horse
  • Connected to your horse so that you can refine your communication, follow your intuition and work in unison together
  • Connected to others so that you can feel more supported on your journey, form new friendships with likeminded people and be able to celebrate all of your wins (big and small)!


And the best part is that we will be doing it in a fun and expansive way because you deserve to manifest all of the feelings and things you want to call into your life!

Here's how it will work...


Every week we will meet for ~30 minutes via Zoom, where I will guide you through a mindset or horsemanship-focused session. 

This might look like a masterclass, a group EFT Tapping session, journalling, a guided meditation or a Q & A call. The topic will be reflective of what I feel called to share with the Connected members that week based on what I feel and what is coming up for you all.

You will be able to share your thoughts live on the call via chat or inside the membership portal in the comments so you can connect with other members. 

The energy of these sessions will be so beautiful, and there is nothing like connecting on a deeper level, live, in community. 

All calls will be recorded and added to the Connected membership library for you to access at any time. 

The time of each live call will be announced at the beginning of each month and will vary to suit different schedules and time zones. 

Topic examples:

  • Slowing down & embracing the stillness 
  • Using food rewards to connect with our horse 
  • Using light pressure to connect with your horse 
  • Listening to our intuition & tuning into what our horses have to say
  • Manifesting your dream property
  • Using light pressure to connect with our horse
  • Inspiration vs comparison
  • Owning what you do with your horse and why
  • Different types of goal setting
  • Tuning into your authentic self - an intro to human design
  • How to surrender whilst still making progress
  • Teaching your horse how to respond to the lightest cues

and so much more!



  • 1-month free trial
  • Weekly live Connected Zoom sessions
  • Access to all of the recordings in the membership library and app


Hi, I'm Felicity

I am a Horsemanship and Mindset Mentor, Podcast Host, Author, and horse lover based in South Australia.
I am the founder of The Confident Equestrian Program, a global online course that teaches horse owners exactly how to help their horse feel more confident in any environment.

Through this program, I work closely with each student over 12 weeks to empower them with the tools and mindset they need to confidently navigate any moment with their horse.

To do this I use an intuitive combination of compassionate horsemanship, learning theory, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique and lessons she has learnt from horses, their owners and other resources.

My mission is to help horses become better understood through empowering their owners with the information and the mindset they need to trust themselves and their feel.

Now I want to help even more people, which is why I decided to create Connected.

I am so excited to connect with you and support you on your journey!

Let's do this!


Are you ready to get Connected?