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Horsemanship Focused Support


The Confident Equestrian Program

Self-paced DIY program

Lifetime access to the CEP 12-week video horsemanship course where I will teach you exactly how to help your horse feel more confident in ANY environment!

This option is perfect for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge level and add some more tools to their toolkit!

You'll learn how to form an amazing connection with your horse, sharpen your groundwork, desensitise your horse on the ground + under saddle and how to navigate different environments. 

Investment: $777 AUD or 3 monthly payments of $296 AUD

Or join Phase 1 for $148 AUD


Horsemanship & Mindset Support


The Confident Equestrian Program

Tailored support + mentorship

My signature 12 week horsemanship mentoring program that will guide you through the steps you need to take to help your horse feel more confident in ANY environment!

Plus, you'll also receive 13 incredible group coaching calls and messaging support (including video reviews) directly for 12 weeks.

This program will change your life (and your horses life), and I am obsessed with it! 

Investment: $1777 AUD or 3 monthly payments of $667 AUD


Connection Reading

One hour horse + human energy reading

I believe that your horse came into your life for a reason. The love that you have for them, the problems that you're facing, the feelings you feel around them, it is all here to support your soul's evolution. This is what I guide people to explore during a Connection Reading.

Together we will spend an hour (plus my own meditation) exploring the soul connection you have with your horse and the next steps you can take on your journey towards your goals. I do this by connecting with your horse's energy and your spirit guides. I also spend time reading your energetic body and checking your chakras for any blocks.

Through this process, I am able to understand and communicate what is holding you back, what your horse is seeking from you, why you were drawn together and what the next steps are that you can take.

Investment: $250 AUD 



The Equestrian Perspective Podcast

On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Felicity's best trainings so you can truly understand your horse, form an amazing relationship with them and feel empowered in the pursuit of your dreams.

Investment: FREE


Mindset Focused Support


The Equestrian Oracle

35 Card Oracle Deck + Guidebook

Explore some of the life lessons that horses have to offer us, and let your intuition guide you.

Investment: $55 AUD


The Equestrian Reflection

44 Card Journal Prompt Deck

It is my intention that this deck supports you on your journey back to your inner knowing and your truth, so you can experience all that horses have to offer throughout your evolution. It is pure magic.

Investment: $35 AUD


Cool, Calm & Collected

Self-paced DIY program

AKA my amazing EFT tapping program where I will guide you through safely letting go of the "what if's" that run through your mind so you can get back to enjoying your horse!

The program covers:

  • Feeling Motivated To Work With Your Horse
  • Feeling Confident In The Saddle At Home
  • Capturing That Horsey High & Allowing Yourself To Enjoy The Journey
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success: Riding & Taking Your Horse To New Places
  • Staying Calm In Emergency Situations & Being Kind To Yourself.

Investment: 2 monthly payments of $111 AUD


Joy Retrieval


Join me as I guide you through a beautiful process of safely letting go of your fear of getting hurt with your horse so you can retrieve your joy again.

Through Joy Retrieval, you will transmute your fear into beautiful lessons that you can use to mitigate your "what if's" from happening so you can feel confident around your horse. Plus, you'll also form an emergency plan you can use if you need to de-escalate a situation that might pop up with your horse. This way, we will cover all bases so you can truly feel confident with your horse and know the best next steps to take.

Investment: $111 AUD


Need help deciding?

1. Tune into your body and ask yourself, which program would best support me? It is likely that you already know the answer. Trust yourself. 

2. Message me on social media and tell me which programs you're considering and I can help you come to a conclusion :) Click here to find me on Instagram and Facebook